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    Facial Treatment Brush


    Enhance your home spa experience with this must-have specially designed treatment brush.


    Our stylish and sleek new Facial Treatment Brush is expertly shaped for precise application of our signature masks. The innovative and superbly soft vegan fibers dispense the perfect amount of product effectively and quickly. Crafted of lightweight wood and sleek black metal, it’s a professional tool that yields gorgeous results, whether used for cosmetics or skin-refining beauty treatments. 


    Our Facial Treatment Brush features long tapered bristles to ensure an even application over the whole face, and the slanted tip allows application in all the corners and niches of the face.


    Ideal for use with our Black Magic and Sea Greens clay masks to their perfect texture.

    HOW TO USE :

      • Dip tip of brush into jar of mask, spread even layer of mask over the face, avoiding the eye area.
      • Rinse brush with cool water after use, and allow to air dry.

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    The brush allows for clean mask application to keep you from wasting precious product!

    Designed specifically for mixing and applying facial masks, treatments, and more.

    The bristles are 100% synthetic – meaning it is cruelty free!

    Sustainably crafted with vegan-friendly fibers, natural wood and recycled aluminum ferrule.

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