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Sea Tone Dead Sea Salt Mattifying Toner

Sea Tone Dead Sea Salt Mattifying Toner

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A unique, potent, multifunctional formula designed to address enlarged pores caused by active oil glands, dirt, wax, ance, or chronological aging.

This botanically infused formula reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, helping to keep them purified, refined, and smooth. It balances oil and delivers a matte finish. Tea Tree and Witch Hazel removes dead skin cells, dirt, and oil that can clog and stretch pores. A blend of botanicals and Dead Sea Salt imparts tighter, smoother, more vibrant skin.

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Toner is an essential step in your facial care regimen, designed to balance skin’s sebum production, readjust skin’s PH, brighten skin, tighten pores, and remove any remaining oil or debris from skin, it also hydrates.

Suitable for dry, mature, troubled, damaged, dull, and sensitive skin. Use after cleansing for a clean, smooth complexion.

100% Natural.

All of our products are made with 100% natural plant oils and 100% natural minerals – nothing artificial, no parabens, no preservatives, no artificial colors or scents, no animal ingredients.

Use after cleansing for a clean, smooth complexion.

Notes of cooling Citrus and Tea Tree combine with astringent alcohol free witch hazel and dead sea salt to protect, hydrate and mattify your skin.

Note: A little of this product goes a long way. Splash a small amount into palms and massage into face after shaving or daily cleansing.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Sulfates
– Synthetic Dyes
– Petrochemicals
– Phthalates
– GMOs

How to Use:

◊ Pour a small amount onto a cotton ball and wipe your face and neck to hydrate and tone before applying serum or moisturizer.


  1. Meghan Schrock (verified owner)

    Love it! It smells nice, it gives your skin a salty tingling feeling, which I love and it seems to cleanse well. A must!

  2. Izzy

    I purchased Kani Sea Toner about a month ago and I could not be happier with the results! I truly love this toner! I have had bad skin my whole life. Not good skin that is occasionally bad, but bad skin that is always bad. I have the trifecta-large pores, acne and oily skin, and it sucks! Because of this, I do not like to go without makeup in public. When I started using Kani however, I did not see any difference at first. As I used it longer, I became full-on, did-not-expect-that, legitimately surprised at my results. Kani Botanicals Sea Tone is truly helping my skin! My pores are smaller, my skin is brighter and my sun spots have diminished. I feel pretty good walking around in public without makeup on, which has not happened since pre-puberty. Am not kidding, I will buy this toner again and again as I am that happy with the results. I use it once in the morning and once at night as part of my new skin care regime. Am truly happy with this product!!

  3. StephanieD

    Originally got this toner as a Christmas gift, and was intrigued by the vegan/organic/natural description. Holy cow, was this a pleasant surprise though! I’ve struggled with acne into my late twenties now, however after rubbing this deeply onto my face post-cleansing, it began clearing up acne in no time. Plus no drying out! I usually pair this with African Black soap and haven’t tried Kani’s cleanser yet, but am definitely hooked on the toner. Though everyone’s skin is different, you can’t go wrong with natural–Kani’s done wonders for me!!

  4. Laura

    Amazing toner! It’s gentle and refreshing, yet it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dried out. I use after cleansing, helps in removing any makeup I might have missed. I love how it preps my skin with an extra layer of moisture to help better absorb my night cream and treatments.

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